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Sunday, October 24, 2010


Dear readers, welcome to this blog. I hope you got this post's title reference. I decided to create this space in order to fulfil a desire I've always had. That is gathering together the most bizarre and schizophrenic music around, the one I have always loved, my favourite kind of music, which some labelled 'circus metal'.
"What the fuck is circus metal?" I imagine some of you are wondering about that; well, you can find a pretty good definition of it on the upper right corner of this page. To me Circus metal is the answer I give when people ask me what kind of music I dig, although I fail each time I try to explain it. Since circus metal is such a mixture of styles, it is almost impossible to imagine how it sounds before hearing it, let alone describe it.
In this blog, with the help of some friends, I would try to gather together all the bands and artists that are related somehow to circus metal: the genre's precursors, the ones who developed it and the ones who have been inspired by it.
You have just entered into a very scary, yet very entertaining, circus, are you ready to flip out?
We really hope so.

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